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8191 Chemin Montview
Mont-Royal, Quebec, H4P 2P2, Canada
Tel: 514-344-7599 Fax: 514-344-9974


Safdie & Co. Inc. is one of Canada’s largest Household Linen suppliers with over 60 years in the Home Textiles Market. Established in 1953 and based in Montreal, the company is exceptionally strong in quality, product design and innovation. With excellent distribution channels and outstanding customer relations, we have established international manufacturing resources with unique longstanding collaborations. Safdie draws on its own financial resources in maintaining high stock levels, and our 250,000 sq ft of operational space provides the company with a very competitive edge in its full range inventory of products within the Home Textile Market.

Phone: 1-888-335-7599
Fax: 514-344-9974

8191 Chemin Montview,
Mont-Royal, Quebec, H4P 2p2, Canada

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